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Honda Vario 150

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Honda Vario 150 Honda Moped Bikes Honda Vario 150 Honda Moped Bikes Honda Vario 150 Honda Moped Bikes Honda Vario 150 Honda Moped Bikes Honda Vario 150 Honda Moped Bikes

Specifications and Latest Price Honda Vario 150 - it is the key word that you're looking in the automotive discussion this time, and we have it available to you on the blog Specifications Car and Motorcycle, well we have collected a lot of data from the field directly and from many other blogs so very complete his discussion here about Specifications and Latest Price Honda Vario 150, on this blog we also have to provide the latest automotive information from all the brands associated with the automobile. ok please continue reading:

Specifications and Latest Price Honda Vario 150


Specifications and Price Honda Vario 150 - In the early 2015's, the momentum for PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM), which immediately launched a new strategy to counter the determination of their competitors who also have introduced new products and tout new products. The latest product of PT AHM is a motor that goes into the latest class ofautomatic scooter Honda Vario 150 ESP. Automatic scooter from Honda's latest has a classy design, the larger capacity engine and outstanding features are certainly on top of the other automatic scooter in Indonesia. The launch of Honda Vario 150 ESP of PT AHM was conducted on January 14, 2015 and conducted directly by the President Director of PT AHM namely Toshiyuki Inuma. So what are carried by the latest automatic scooter Honda Honda Vario 150 ESP makes it into the scooter in above average in the automotive homeland? Check out the full review below ya Bro and Sist.
Honda Vario 150 ESP is expected to be a flagship product Honda scooter that is able to answer all expectations scooter lovers in the country. Honda Vario 150 ESP is an automatic scooter engine capacity of 150 cc first produced in Indonesia. Although the base engine has almost similar concept like the Honda PCX 150 but designed more perfect than automatic scooter with the gambot body. AHM's commitment in providing the latest products realized through Honda Vario 150 ESP is the application of a luxurious design sharp and aggressive and enriched by a classy monotone color scheme. Even the diverse technology and advanced features such as Answer Back System, Dual Keen Eyes LED Headlight and tubeless tires embedded in this latest Honda automatic scooter that can add comfort while driving. Now for more details and see the full review on the Honda Vario 150 ESP that Mas Sena summarized below.
motors honda vario 150 esp
Specifications Honda Vario 150 ESP
Appear more aggressive and luxurious

Continuing the success of the New Vario 125 PGM-FI which accounts for the high sales figures since its launch makes AHM still apply the old Vario basic design to the specification Honda Vario 150 ESP is on all sides. But the latest automatic scooter Honda product looks more luxurious, aggressive and classy. This is because the application design is so extreme as product design their latest supercar the Honda NSX Acura very cool and sporty. Starting from the design of the livery colors Honda Vario 150 ESP looks so simple because it only presents some cloudy graphic design of the motor body. But with the design simpelnya Honda Vario 150 ESP makes this look more attractive and sporty.

Dimensions Bigger than Varian old

Honda Vario 150 ESP that has 5 color variants has dimensions of 1921 x 683 x 1096 mm with an empty weight of 109 kg. With the size of the dimension that bind specification Honda Vario 150 ESP is longer 3 mm, smaller in width 6 mm and 7 mm shorter than the older generation scooter before. Even with the distance of the rear axle is reduced 1 mm enough effect to be a little more agile control. It is also due to have a lighter weight 3 kg compared to generation Vario 125 PGM-FI earlier. In order to penetrate the light flooding the region of PT AHM add distance to the ground on the motorcycle Honda Vario 150 ESP is 7 mm higher than the previous generation.
specification honda vario 150 esp
Dual Keen Eyes Headlight who Beautify the front

The design concept of the curve and aft body on the front and side of the specification Honda Vario 150 rigid ESP makes this scooter so look manly and aggressive. Moreover, the application of manifold Dual Head Lamp Keen Eyes Headlight who use this type of LED lights incorporated one with pinnate shaped turn signal Honda Vario 150 ESP makes it look very aggressive, luxurious and classy. With the application of these types of lights then this scooter can provide light beam capability better, lighter, more efficient electric power and have a longer lifespan so that motorists can drive well in the dark or at night.

Complete Panel Indicators

Turning to the specifications of the Honda Vario 150 ESP at the top of the wheel, has a simple yet futuristic speedometer. By having multiple panels pointer as speed indicator, fuel gauge, trip meter indicator, indicator lights and the engine and turn signal indicators can provide information that is easy to read on the Honda Vario 150 ESP is currently used. Dashboard locking part of this scooter is quite complete so as to provide maximum security while automatic scooter is left away from the supervision of the owner. At the bottom of the footrest dashboard is very broad so as to provide driving comfort with Honda Vario 150 ESP's.

Rear side of the Shows As Sporty scooter

Switch to the back side of the specification Honda Vario 150 ESP has a stop lamp and turn signal design into a new and larger than the previous generation. However, with a larger size makes the Honda Vario 150 ESP feels more luxurious and classy as premium scooter Honda PCX 150. Section namely large rear fender and hang Honda scooter was making this one more sporty. Turning to the legs of the specification Honda Vario 150 ESP which use large tubeless tires on the front side of the 80/90 and 90/90 on the back side with 14-inch wheels make this scooter more stable handling and comfortable. With the legs of the motor which is supported using tubeless tires made Honda Vario 150 ESP as first scooter launched by the motor manufacturer in Indonesia for using these types of tires. The fuel tank capacity of 5.5 liters is considered more than enough to accompany a long journey due to 1 liter Honda Vario 150 ESP can penetrate up to a distance of 52.9 km. As for luggage storage under the driver's seat with a capacity of 18 liters that can accommodate many items are large and can accommodate a full-face helmet.
honda motor specification vario 150 esp
Engine with ESP Technology

Next, let us turn to the specifications of the Honda Vario 150 ESP in the kitchen spur sector that supplies power to the motor from Honda's 150cc automatic. Honda Vario 150 ESP has a capacity of 149.3 cc engine with 4 stroke, SOHC liquid-cooled, V-Matic transmission and has a compression ignition 10: 6: 1 produces a large force for automatic class which reaches a maximum power of 9.3 kW (12 , 46 HP) at engine speed of 8,500 rpm and torque of 12.8 Nm steady at engine speed of 5,000 RPM. With such a large power output of the generating potential that is qualified because Honda Vario 150 ESP has Power to Weight Ratio (PWR) great reach 0.114 hp / kg. For Honda PCX 150 just only have Power to Weight Ratio (PWR) reached 0.99 hp / kg. This is because it is supported by a lighter weight. In addition, the application of the machine with the latest technology-enhanced ESP makes this latest 150 cc scooter more powerful and aggressive. Even using PGM-FI injection technology combined with Honda Vario 150 ESP ESP posted economical fuel consumption in its class because it can penetrate a distance of 52.9 km / liter by activating Idling Stop System (ISS). With ESP technology that is embedded in the specification Honda Vario 150 ESP make it more perfect automatic motor and also produces emissions lower and better for applying the rules of the Euro 3 emission standards.

Features Sophisticated Solutions to Make You Comfortable in Driving

As for the features of the specification Honda Vario 150 ESP has advanced features for a complete and automatic current. Starting from the lock system that uses Ignition Key with a safety lock magnet (Magnetic Key Shutter) make more secure locking system to prevent theft. And to open the driver's seat, Honda Vario 150 ESP users only need to press the "Seat" to open the trunk or fuel tank. Features advanced Answer Back System will make it easy for the rider to be able to locate the position of the motor if you forget to put the Honda Vario 150 ESP on a location. By simply pressing a button on the key remote presented then the motor will respond at the same sound all turn signal lights up.

Further features of the ESP technology specification Honda Vario 150 ESP will maximize fuel burn more efficiently and can minimize friction piston that can provide the fuel wasted, and can optimize the energy out. Then for the ACG starter which is a feature of ESP technology will be integrated with the engine Honda Vario 150 ESP with a more refined sound and comfortable. As for features Idling Stop System (ISS) can provide fuel consumption more efficient combustion because this feature will adjust when the scooter is stopped with the engine shut off for 3 minutes after the stop and to start the engine again just need to pull the gas lever.

In addition, the specification Honda Vario 150 ESP also features other advanced features are standard automatic side (Side Stand Switch) where the engine does not start up when in the down position, as well as being easy to operate Brake Lock to prevent Honda Vario 150 ESP jump when lit. or the motor remains in the idle state when stopped on a hill. And the last feature that can be found in the specification specification Honda Vario 150 ESP is Combi Brake System which helps braking front and rear wheels with the proper tension so as to reduce or stop the vehicle a more optimal. Advanced wah ya bro and sis!

Honda Vario 150 ESP


  • Length X Width X Height 1921 x 683 x 1096 mm
  • Distance Axis Wheels 1,280 mm
  • Lowest distance to the ground 135 mm
  • Weight empty 109 Kg
  • The capacity of the fuel tank 5.5 liters of fuel


  • framework Backbone
  • Type front suspension Telescopic
  • Type rear suspension A single swing arm with shockbreaker
  • Front Tire Size 80/90 - 14 M / C 40P (without tires)
  • Rear Tire Size 90/90 - 14 M / C 46P (without tires)
  • Brakes Front Hydraulic disc with single piston
  • Rear Drum - CBS braking system


  • Machine 4-stroke, SOHC with liquid cooling, ESP
  • Class 150
  • Volume Step 150 cc
  • Diameter X Step 57.3 x 57.9 mm
  • Comparison of Compression 10.6: 1
  • Maximum Power 9.3 kW / 8,500 rpm
  • Maximum torque 12.8 Nm / 5000 rpm
  • Oil Capacity Engine Oils 0.8 liter in the periodic replacement
  • Clutch Type Automatic, centrifugal, dry type
  • Type Transmsi Automatic V-Matic
  • Gear shift pattern Automatic
  • Type Starter Pedal and electrical


  • Battery Type Battery 12V-5Ah, type MF
  • Plug ND U22EPR-9, NGK CPR9EA-9
  • Ignition Full Transisterized, Battery

Price Honda Vario 150 ESP
Now that he's a complete review of the specification Honda Vario 150 ESP on all sides. Does not feel ya bro and sis we have come to the Honda Vario 150 price segment latest ESP which is the last segment in the discussion of motorcycle products with new technology and attractive. How bro and sis opinion of all of the Honda Vario 150 ESP this? If according Mas Sena hell before we know the price of this Honda Vario 150 ESP, automatic motor is very cool from every side. Starting from an aggressive design, luxurious and classy. As well as a large dimension but does not eliminate the impression of sporty and agile as it is supported by a very powerful spur kitchen and reliable. Even with advanced features and modern makes Honda Vario 150 ESP feels more complete and become the new mounts recommendations for you who are looking for a motorcycle type automatic. Then what is the price of the latest Honda Vario 150 ESP are priced in Indonesia?
price honda vario 150 esp
price honda vario 150 esp latest
It seems that with the engine and new technologies that have the typical motorcycle 150 cc class will produce "Production Cost" which is quite high and of course also the price of the latest Honda Vario 150 ESP was released to the market will also follow from price "Production Cost" is high. Because the automatic scooter Honda product is the first scooter produced by PT AHM. Although it has a machine that is almost similar to their premium scooter Honda PCX 150. However the estimated cost is still relatively high because Honda PCX 150 has a high price tag. Sure enough the price of Honda Vario 150 ESP that has 5 color options is priced at Rp.20.050.000 for exlusive colors namely Exclusive Exclusive Matte Black and Pearl White. And for the sporty color variants namely Titanium Black, White Sonic Blue, and Bionic Red priced at Rp. 19.900.00. With the price of the latest Honda Vario 150 ESP is Mas Sena quite comparable because it has a machine with a capacity above the average of other scooter in Indonesia and has a complete and sophisticated features. How bro and sis, select which color variants for Honda Vario 150 latest ESP?

Price Honda Vario 150 ESP

Colour Price

  • Honda Vario 150 ESP Exclusive Rp.20.050.000
  • Honda Vario 150 ESP Sporty  Rp. 19.900.00

However, it should be a concern if the bro all price ranges Honda Vario 150 new ESP Mas Sena pointed out above is the official OTR price prevailing in Jakarta alone. Create Bro and Sis living areas seem to have to prepare a budget that is slightly larger than the Mas Sena to say because of the distribution factor motorcycle to the area you live that requires no small cost. Bro should immediately visit Honda authorized distributors of the area nearest you to inquire about price information assurance Honda Vario 150 ESP also can try out the latest Honda scooter's performance. Mas Sena alone argues for a scooter if you have to spend up to USD 20 million is actually quite expensive as well anyway. But you will get an advanced motor technology and outstanding runway performance. Moreover, this motor is the first scooter has a 150cc engine capacity in Indonesia. If the targeted consumer segmentation note is the middle class that has a large enough budget to buy a motorcycle. Looks like this bike will be in a different segmentation with Yamaha Mio 125 Blue Core for a much different capacity engines. Possibility in the near future Mas Sena estimate if Yamaha will soon be setting up a match for these products in order to maintain its existence as an automotive manufacturer. For those who want a Honda scooter Bro must immediately move quickly so as not to run out of the Honda Vario 150 ESP's. That review of the price Honda Vario 150 ESP latest on the last segment is both a marker of the end of the encounter Mas Sena on the occasion of this review. See also Yamaha Mio 125 Blue Core and Honda Beat ESP .

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